What’s in the cookies?
Created with nutrition in mind, Mama Bites have been designed to support all mums from the inside out! As well as being made from natural ingredients, they’re also based on healthy fats and are free from processed flour, dairy, and refined sugar, helping to keep you going throughout the day.

What’s special about these cookies is that they’re made from ingredients known as “galactagogues”, which have been traditionally used for generations by mothers to boost milk supply. These include almonds, oats, brewers yeast and flaxseed.

Unique ingredients:

Almonds: These nuts are a great source of fibre, vitamin E, healthy fats, and protein, helping to keep you fuller for longer.

Oats: Rich in soluble fibre, this amazing galactatogue is also great for digestive health and reducing cholesterol levels. As a whole grain, oats are also slow releasing carbohydrates, keeping your energy levels more stable.

Brewer’s Yeast: Contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, which are important help to reduce tiredness, fatigue, and boost mood and energy levels.

Flaxseed: This seed contains fibre and the essential omega 3, which can be important for mood, memory and hormone balance.

Coconut Oil: As a dairy free alternative, coconut oil is a healthy fat made up of caprylic and lauric acids, which are great sources of energy. Fats are so vital in the diet as they help the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K, helping to nourish the body.

Coconut Sugar: As opposed to regular, refined sugar, coconut sugar contains many vitamins and minerals including zinc, calcium, potassium, and inulin fibre leading to a slower release of sugar in the blood.

How many will I need to eat?
The majority of mums do well with 1-2 cookies a day but everyone is different so this may change depending on the person. We also wont judge you if you choose to eat the whole bag in one sitting : )

Please note though that these cookies are designed to complement a good breastfeeding journey. Breast milk does actually work on a supply and demand basis ? the more a baby suckles, the more milk your body will produce. A lot of the time the main issues a mum experiences are related to the latch? so please get in touch with a lactation consultant if you’re ever having difficulties!

Where else can I get breastfeeding help and advice?
We really recommend speaking to a lactation consultant for any breastfeeding concerns, and some great websites include:


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