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Mama Bites began a couple of months into motherhood? my baby decided he would only ever sleep in a sling, and so I either had to walk around the block for hours on end, or, find something to do in the house standing up!

As my breastfeeding journey had also been pretty horrendous, concerns about my milk supply grew, and with a tiny baby that needed fattening up, I had to act quite quickly.

Being a nutritional therapist and a mum that needed to stand up for hours, everything pointed in the direction of the kitchen, so I spent about 4 weeks of my life baking and eating copious amounts of lactation cookies until the ultimate treat was born! After a few more weeks I had so much more confidence, saw my pump fill up with milk, and had a baby who jumped up a weight percentile? life was good!

I decided it wouldn?t be fair to keep the cookies to myself, so here I am sharing them with all you fantastic mamas? whether it?s to give you milk-making confidence or get you through those night feeds, I hope you?ll enjoy them as much as I do!!


Love Jodie x

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